Video SEO – Optimizing

Video SEO – Optimizing

09 Oct
  • Add Value to Your Products & Services with Video SEO Optimization
  • 09 Oct 2018

Video today has gained huge impetus in media world. Google’s video platform, YouTube lead when it comes to the largest search engine on the planet. People like to visit YouTube because they can find everything from music videos to understanding machine learning. Thus, it is important that we have a strong and SEO optimized existence of our videos for our audiences

What is Video SEO?

Video SEO, abbreviated as vSEO, relates to the optimization of video content for search engine traffic. The video SEO mainly aims to have your video content appear in video search engines and in the organic search results for leading search engines – with traffic being transferred to your site instead of your video hosting provider. In the article ahead, we’ve discussed about five quick tips that every video creator must know.

Five Quick tips for video SEO process

Strategy –

We must first ascertain our business goals that we aim to achieve by creating a video and key plan we’ve made to achieve; such as if we want to and educate, entertain, etc.

Research –

We must carry out in-depth research to come up with a findable and searchable video that will benefit to our audiences.

Creation –

For video creation, YouTube has for you a great framework, called “Hero-Hub-Help”. It allows producing one big video, a quarter, monthly campaigns along with anchor videos, and every day high-frequency tactical content.

Distribution –

After creating video, it is time to distribute the video to different, different online video publishing platforms such as YouTube, Vimeo, Wistia. You can distribute these videos at almost all social networks such as Pinterest,Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc.


Finally, yet most importantly, once we are done with an awesome task of video creation, we need to know how can we improve it, how can we turn that video into a book or a series, or a webinar? Thus, this is how we can create our distribution framework. In nutshell, video SEO-optimizing means creating a findable video content.

What you need to have for video SEO - optimizing?

      People – Social networks, email lists, websites, audiences, advertising audiences

      Measurement – Predictive research, video platform analytics, web analytics.

      Video – great quality video, still images, custom thumbnails

      Text – Transcripts, closed captions, keywords, description

      Audio – Great quality audio, separated audio files

Conclusively, video SEO today is one of the most influential forms of SEO. Not just, it adds value to your video content but users, as well. Hence, whether you are promoting your products or services, it is crucial for you to adopt and implement video SEO optimization for the promotion and growth of your products as well as services.

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