10 Principles of Good Design to help on SEO

10 Principles of Good Design to help on SEO

14 Jan
  • 10 Principles of Good Design to help on SEO
  • 14 Jan 2019

If you believe good and attractive design is what completes your website, then hold on. In this article, I will walk you through 10 principles of good design to help on SEO. When it comes to a good and attractive web design, a fine line of difference is automatically created between both. Where an attractive design of a website is meant to grab instant attention of the users, a good design refers to the user-friendliness, smooth functionality, and many more.
Hence, when there is a good design, it means that it is not just attractive to look at, but also fully functional and SEO friendly. However, this is not my purpose to write this article, rather through this article, I would like to highlight those ten principles of good design that complements a good website design.
Let’s talk about them in the article ahead.

A website must be innovative

There is always a new possibility for innovation. And when it comes to innovative design, the technological development always offers new opportunities. But innovative design doesn’t come without innovative technology. Hence the more innovative your website design the better it is.

Good design makes a product useful

When a customer buys a product, he/she buys it to use. Hence, it must meet certain criteria. This means that a good website design is not just functional, but aesthetic and psychological, as well. Good design means the product has to be user-friendly while discarding anything that may probably detract from it.

Good design is aesthetic

If a product has to be useful to its target customers or audience, it must have an aesthetic design. Reason being products we use on daily basis influence our person and well-being. But beauty only lies with well-executed products.

Good design makes a product understandable

The better your website design is the better you can understand the product. It relates to the product’s structure. If you have better still, it will itself speak about the product.
Thus, a good design needs to be self-explanatory.

Good Design is Unobtrusive

The more neutral and restrained a good design is the better it is for users. It must neither be so gaudy and glamorous nor the works of art. It must rather leave enough room for a user to allow him/her self-explain.

Good Design is Honest

As an age old saying goes; honesty is the best policy, so a good design must be honest.
What is the use of such an innovative, powerful and valuable product that is not at all honest?
That way, instead of manipulating the consumer with false promises, it is better to the design honest.

Good design is long lasting

Dissimilar to fashionable design, a good design lasts for long and does not ever look antiquated.

Good design is thorough down to the last detail

Remember, the more careful and accurate you are toward your design process the more obliged a user feels. Hence, there is no need to be arbitrary or leave to chance.

Good design conserves resources

Design considerably contributes when it comes to preserving environment. It saves resources and reduces visual as well as physical pollution all through the lifecycle of the product.

Good design is as little design as possible

Finally yet most importantly, the lesser design you have the more it focuses on the essential aspects, thus unburdening it from non-essentials.
The purer it is the simpler it will be.

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